Lemon Charcoal

Made From Lemon Tree Wood.

He is of Type Hardwood User For Hookah.

It is One Of The Best Types Of Charcoal For Hookah.Lemon Charcoal Made From Tree Lemon Wood

The Burn Time is 4 To 5.5 Hours.

Product information:
1) Ash (on dry basis): 1.60%
2) Total moisture: 2.50%
3) Sulfur (on dry basis): 0.27%
4) Humidity(on dry basis): 3.2%
5) Fixed carbon (on dry basis): 85.03%
6) Calorific value : 7800 cal/g
7) . Lights more quickly.

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Egypt is considered

one of the largest countries producing charcoal

of all kinds, including lemon charcoal and orange charcoal

Guava berries, mangoes and many other woods from fruit trees that are used in

Lots of uses, all depending on the characteristics of each type,

with lemon charcoal being one of the most popular

It is widely used for barbecues and barbecues, and it is

considered one of the best types to use

In the preparation of hookah stones, because it has a great

ability to continue to ignite for the longest period

It is possible, and the smoke from it, white smoke that looks

like snow white, is evidence of its purity.

No sparks or fumes come out of it.

Lemon charcoal

Lemon charcoal is one of the finest charcoal in Egypt and is of great importance

Of many people who prefer to use it over other types of industrial charcoal that cause

Lots of harm to its users, and lemon charcoal has many natural properties, such as:

Lemon charcoal is distinguished by its regular cylindrical shapes, which are also made into sticks

With different lengths, and the inner pores of the

lemon charcoal are completely closed making the fire burning

Penetrates inside with difficulty; So it takes a lot of time for the coal to keep burning

With fire, a kilo of lemon charcoal can stay lit for approximately 5 hours or more.

Lemon charcoal does not emit any sparks or black fumes from its ignition, as smoke rises

From its ignition, white smoke is clean as snow.

Lemon charcoal

Charcoal free of any impurities or dust,

as the Al-Awsat Company and Factory are working on its manufacture

In environments suitable for its nature, so that it does

not contain high levels of moisture, so the moisture content with lemon charcoal

We have no more than 2.5%, and the proportion

of ash extracted from it represents about 1.6% of the percentage of coal

Its carbon content is 85%. Its ignition does not

cause any unpleasant odors or any harm to the people and the environment.

Lemon charcoal is also characterized by its high temperature

resistance, so it is used heavily in cafes to continue

Hookah stones for as long as possible as well as for

charcoal grilling and for heating on land.

Lemon Charcoal Our charcoal is fraction free,

impermeable charcoal is not extinguished by water.

The percentage of calorific value is 7800 calories per gram.

Manufacturer of lemon charcoal
Lemon charcoal

It is a company and the middle factory, which is considered

one of the first factories to manufacture charcoal

Of citrus fruit trees, the Al-Awsat factory is one of the strongest factories in Ismailia

And cities of the canal line, which has been working in

the production and manufacture of coal of all kinds for more than 18 years,

Al-Awsat Company has also tended to make many

developments regarding its factories and even equipment

It has become one of the largest companies competing

in the export of Egyptian vegetable citrus charcoal

To a lot of other countries such as the Arab

Gulf states and European countries.

Al-Awsat Company and Factory are able to process

your orders in any quantity you wish at any time,

Just contact us on our numbers, and the company will ship your orders

Anywhere in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Al-Awsat Company provides large quantities

of acid charcoal extracted from the finest tree species

Acidic like lemon, orange and many more

at unbeatable prices with other companies,

In addition to the express transportation

and shipping service provided by the company

With transport vehicles ready to be shipped anywhere.