Casuarina Charcoal

Made From Casuarina Tree Wood.

He is of Type Hardwood User For Barbecue.

It is One Of The Best Types Of Charcoal For Barbecue.

The Burn Time is 4 To 5 Hours.

Product information:

Casuarina charcoal
فحم جازورين,فحم جزورين,فحم كازورينا

1) Ash (on dry basis): 2.60%
2) Total moisture: 3.50%
3) Sulfur (on dry basis): 0.35%
4) Humidity(on dry basis): 4.2%
5) Fixed carbon (on dry basis): 75.03%
6) Calorific value : 6700 cal/g

Decorations prices

at a cheap price at a price that uses charcoal

butchers in the barbecue, which is the absolute best in using barbecue

Casuarina tree wood is a solid wood of large sizes and it is charred

using furnaces or the traditional method of carbonization (baked).

Casuarina coal produces white ash and does not produce any sparks

or odors. Gasoline charcoal is used for barbecuing. Its long-lasting

burning time starts from 4 to 5 hours. It is one of the best types of

charcoal for grilling and heating.

Product information:

Ash content: 2.50% Proportion: 3.5% 75%

carbon Shape: large blocks starting from 5 cm to 50 cm

and also cylindrical shape and small broken blocks

Calorific value: 7000 kcal / g Charcoal sifting and cleaning

charcoal has several stages, which are manual and automatic

sieving Manual sifting is the way of sifting coal directly from

the compressor by workers and then packing it into 20 kilo

stander bags and then packing it into bags starting

from 1 kilo to 20 kilos according to the importer’s request

As for the automatic sifting through the electric sieve,

the coal is sifted and cleaned in 4 stages 1 Clean the charcoal

from dirt 2 Clean the charcoal from very small pieces 3

Cleaning the charcoal from pieces of charcoal not

carbonized well 4 Charcoal packing after screening the

last stage in which the coal is 99% Then the buyer asked

We have all kinds of charcoal packing

It is possible to export directly to coal plants,
or to delegate an export company from the factory, and coal is exported directly
Shipping routes in small and large containers 40 feet and 20 feet
through the ports of Alexandria, Suez, Damietta and Port Said,
through the Al-Awja land crossing and through Safaga
The two parties (seller and buyer) agree on the details of the
shipment in terms of coal specifications, coal prices, coal quantities,
method of payment, and time of arrival at the importer’s port. The
exporter or seller transfers the agreed-upon goods to the port of
shipment in Egypt and ends the customs clearance procedures
through the shipping line or customs clearance that deals with him,
so that the shipment begins its journey from the port of shipment,
which is the port where the seller or exporter
in the country of shipment transports his goods from his factory to it
after To be shipped to the buyer at the agreed port in the country
of the importer and by agreement in the contract concluded
between the two parties.
The port of shipment is determined at the request of the

importer or through some criteria such as:
Of course, the proximity of the shipping port to the supplier’s
factory is a factor that affects the costs of inland transportation
from the factory or city to the port of shipment.
The proximity of the shipping port in the source country or
the manufacturer to the destination port in the buyer’s country
is a big time factor in the journey it takes to ship the coal to the buyer.
Voyages provided by the shipping lines from the port of shipment in terms of schedules
The expected number of arrival days, shipping and loading costs
from the factory floor, and the number of trips available to the importer’s country
After that, the order or shipment begins its journey from
the port of shipment in Egypt to the port of destination at the importer
You can contact us to know all the details of the shipment